Is Ariana Grande a Font or a Soft Cheese

Good evening. I thought I’d write on my blog, which I call my P Flog, or “plog” (the F is silent). I mean, WHY NOT. Now everyone keeps mentioning this thing Ariana Grande! And at first I thought it must … Continue reading

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Paul Foot’s Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas

Good evening Connoisseurs! Happy Hallow evening to ye all! How’s the pumpkin ravioli? Marvellous. You can always get a McDonalds on the way home. Just put it out of your mind for now. SO, ye asked me to come up … Continue reading

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Saturnday 2nd Fabruary

Mr. Paul Foot, Life President of the Guild of Paul Foot Connoisseurs, attended the Crocodile Park, where he met crocodile and also tortoise. After making acquaintance with the beasts, he ate a lunch of crocodile burger. Later, he watched a … Continue reading

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