Show diary


This is my SHOW DIARY, which lists where you can see me and that. All people who work in showbizness have a show diary. Mine is typed-up from my real life diary, by my tantalisingly glamourous yet dangerously lob-sided secretary Jemima Shazaaaar. She is half woman, half lobster, but that’s not to say she doesn’t make a brilliant typist.



Saturnday 28th Novella – End of Lockdown Zoom Show Bonanza – Sold Out

UK Tour – Swan Power


Flyday 18th Decadence – Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington – GOING AHEADTickets

Saturnday 19th Decadence – Pound Arts, Corsham – GOING AHEADTickets


The dates below are the tour I would have made. The majority have been rescheduled due to a virus thingy which you might have heard of that’s going round the world. If you’re a ticket holder, you should be contacted by the venue or ticket agent regarding the new date. To the best of my knowledge, as far as one can be certain of anything in these times, Nottingham and Farnham are going ahead! Praise be. xx

Thirsty 1st Octopus – City Varieties, Leeds – Rescheduled – Details

Flyday 2nd Octopus – G-Live, Guildford – Rescheduled – Details

Saturnday 10th Octopus – Newport Centre, Newport – Rescheduled – Details

Sundae 11th Octopus – Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury – Rescheduled – Details

Thirsy 15th Octopus – Waterside, Sale – Rescheduled – Details

Flyday 16th Octopus – Just The Tonic, Leicester – Rescheduled – Details

Saturnday 17th Octopus – Leicester Square Theatre, London – Rescheduled – Details

Thirsty 22nd Octopus – Glee Club, Oxford – Rescheduled – Details

Flyday 23rd Octopus – Glee Club, Birmingham – Rescheduled – Details

Saturnday 24th Octopus – Frazer Theatre, Knaresborough – Rescheduled – Details

Thirsty 29th Octopus – The Lowry, Salford – Rescheduled – Details

Flyday 6th Novella – Just The Tonic, Nottingham – Rescheduled – Details

Saturnday 7th Novella – The Alhambra, Bradford – Rescheduled – Details

Thirsty 12th Novella – Glee Club, Glasgow – Rescheduled – Details

Flyday 13th Novella – ARC, Stockton-on-Tees – Rescheduled – Details

Saturnday 21st Novella – Farnham Maltings, Farnham – Rescheduled – Details

Flyday 27th Novella – The Gatehouse, Stafford – Rescheduled – Details

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