Introduction to Paul

I am Paul Foot,
One of the world’s comedians.

I do not have fans. I have Connoisseurs. If you are a Connoisseur of my comedy, you may join the Guild of Paul Foot Connoisseurs.

This, my official websyte, contains my complete show diary in the section Show Diary, a list of all of my humour in Penny’s orchard and other pages full of complete madness, so do have a browse.

Guild bless you,

Mr. Paul Foot
Mr Paul Foot, Life President, The Guild of Paul Foot Connoisseurs


Welcome to my websyte baybayyyyy. To gain access to all my latest secret workings, such as podcastes, videos, secret shows etc. visit my Guild Lodge and join the Guild of Connoisseurs.

The very last leg of my Swan Power U.K. TOUR is on sale for 2023! This is your last chance to see this show live in the UK ever! Find tickets and info in my Show Diary baybayyy!

And my AUSTRALIAN TOUR is also now on sale for Marsh, Apricot and Mayonnaise! Find tickets and info in my Show Diary!

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