Radio Vs. Tom Tom



You might have noticed me in the air last weekend, appearing both on the Radio 4 show The Infinite Monkey Cage with Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox, and also releasing a special Valentine’s version of my popular podcast which I record with young comedian Tom Mayhew.

Ye can listen to the BBC show for a few more days on iPlayer, and ye can listen to my podcast FOREVER. Please see below, and do let me know your thoughts on Twitter. I love getting your Twits, it’s well fun.

Love Paul xx

THE INFINITE MONKEY CAGE – THE MATHS OF LOVE AND STATISTICS OF SEX – with Brian Cox and Robin Ince. (Available for 20 more days)

PAUL FOOT’S FOOT CAST – THE VALENTINE’S SHOCKER EPISODE – with Tom Mayhew, available on the internet for a long time)

Here is a scary rainbow cupid I found on the internet…

Gay Cupid

Also, if ye use like that iTunes podcast thing, then you can subscribe to my Paul Foot podcast for free on there and it will go straight into your telephone.

PF xx

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