Win A Trip Around The National Space Centre With Paul Foot!

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!!! Two very lucky Connoisseurs will win the chance to go around the National Space Centre with Paul Foot himself next week on Friday 9th October !!!

GREETINGS! To celebrate the LAUNCH of my UK Retrospective Tour in Leicester next week I am LAUNCHING a competition in conjunction with Leicester’s totally amazing National Space Centre baybayyyy! (How many times, I wonder, can I use the word “launch” regarding this competition? Major Commander Rebeca in the National Space Centre’s marketing office says the record is 36)

I have never been to the National Space Centre but have always wanted to go. I have no idea why it is in Leicester – but I’m not here to provide all the answers, I just wanna SPACE OUT BAYBAYYYY! As ye may know, some of my jokes are about space – including the NASA employee who is too casual about air locks – and I also describe my own fashion sense as ‘Space Casual’ – like an off-duty astronaut’s housewife, preparing the canapés at a space station soiree. Just from browsing the Space Centre’s websyte it has easily become my favourite Leicester attraction – it’s light years ahead of Richard III’s bones! (No offence Ricky, love).


ANYWAY! So I arrive in Leicester on Thirsty 8th and shall be performing at The Cookie in the centre of town for three nights, performing three different shows from my own past: BY THE YARD, STILL LIFE, and KENNY LARCH IS DEAD. Find out more information and book tickets here.


I am asking Connoisseurs to draw or design a space themed picture of me and submit it anytime between now and midnight on Wrensday 6th Octopus. It could be a Paul Foot space figurine with accessories, it could be me chillaxing with an alien of your design or it could perhaps show me at home in my space capsule watching space snooker – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Like this picture below, but better basically…

Paul Foot on Moon


Quite a bit better, in fact, as I just did this myself in the back of a taxi using Microsoft Paint! Although by all means feel free to submit a rubbish entry just FOR A LAUGH, if you have nothing better to do.

A bonus point will be awarded for including the National Space Centre logo.


Ye must then submit your entry onto my Paul Foot Facebonk page. Or ye can send it to me via the Twitters @PaulFoot, or ye can email it to me via the contact page on my websyte (if ye do things this way then make sure to email me, not my agent or he might start invoicing you at random)



The two winners must be able to come to the National Space Centre on Flyday 9th Octopus. Winners must be 16+ and human. If ye do not meet these requirements ye may still create and submit a picture, ye just will not win – obviously. LOL.


PF xxx


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