Southend On Sea Competition!

Southend On Sea




Jinkaton Sphynx talking here, Paul Foot’s official and also fictional secretary.

Are you coming to see Paul Foot on the Southend limb of his current UK Retrospective tour? Wonderful. He WILL be thrilled!

You will also be excited to learn that we’re launching a LAST MINUTE DOT COM exciting competition! This has nothing to do with the websyte Last Minute dot com. It’s just a last minute competition that is happening on the internet.

The winner will receive hot drinks and cakes WITH PAUL at the COAST COFFEE HOUSE in Southend on Saturnday afternoon!! Meet your comedy idol and have a RIGHT LARK prior to his Saturnday show at the Palace Theatre.

Paul is performing three different shows across three different nights at the Palace Theatre in Southend commencing on Thirsty evening with a rare performance of Paul’s 2009 show¬†By The Yard. BOOK TICKETS HERE.

Friends of the Paul Foot Guild, Connoisseur Felix and Connoisseur Josh, recommended this cafe to Paul as somewhere to visit when he comes to Southend this weekend. The cafe has only been open a few months and is already MAKING WAVES in Southend with nearly 500 people in their Facebook page (take a look at the FABULOUS TREATS that they make there!)


To enter the competition simply design / sketch / doodle / create a POSTCARD OF SOUTHEND, featuring Paul. Possibly enjoying a slice of cake. WHATEVER YOU WANT BAYBAYYYYY! Ooops, sorry, my voice went a bit strange then.

Submit your entries via Twitter @PaulFoot or post onto Paul’s Facebonk page.

Closing date: Thursday/Thirsty at 3pm


Coast Coffee

Coast Coffee House

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