Dubai By-Baybayyyy

As a little winter break I visited Dubai last month, and took my step-dad with me too as a treat, and I thought ye may like to see some of my snaps from this intriguing city. Here below is a Paul Foot TASTE OF DUBAI!

Here I am on a boat in the old part of Dubai…


Here is Abid, we are on a desert safari.


Witnessing a special traditional Arabian dance. It is danced by two men with rifles and is normally only for the eyes of men. It is so gently camp.


I paid a visit to the world’s poshest ‘otel…


At Atlantis, Dubai version…



I love the Arabic way of writing Waitrose…


A giant building shaped like a coin…


Sole Trader, a clever name for a shoe shop, and almost definitely a limited company and not a sole trader…


I will try and get time to post some more Dubai photos soon.

In the meantime, while in Crewe I noticed this warning light recently. It is also a button. Are we meant to press the button bit if we feel the lift is overloaded? Or does the lift decide and activate the warning light? What is going on?!


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