Australia Competition 2016 MINI TOUR!

Paul Foot Illustration by Cal Woodford

OH MY GADDD! I am spending the entire month of Apricot in AUSTRALALA!!! I cannot wait to see my beautiful and wonderful Connoisseurs down under!

First up, ADELAIDE, where this year….I AM NOT GOING…so will be performing FOR ZERO NIGHTS!!! This is terribly upsetting to me as I love Adelaide, and it’s nothing personal against Adelaide, it’s just because I’ve been OTHERWISE ENGAGED here in Europe with shows in Denmark and stuff. Now don’t ask any more questions! BACK TO MY AUSTRALALA tour!

1) I am coming to MELBOURNE (12th-17th Apricot) of course, but ONLY FOR SIX NIGHTS!! So ye need to book in ASAP BAYBAYYYYY! (See my Show Diary for tickets)

2) I am then of course going to SYDNEY (20th and 21st)… but in a dramatic twist… ONLY FOR TWO NIGHTS!!!!!! (See my Show Diary for tickets)

3) I am then continuing my tour, possibly by flying carpet, on to BRISBANE (22nd)… but ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ONLY FOR ONE NIGHT!!!!! (See my Show Diary for tickets)

Finally 4) I am visiting PERTH (23rd), where I like the trees, also ONLY FOR ONE NIGHT!! Or as they say in showbizness.. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!! (Always struck me as a bit strange that phrase. Who says…”I’m going swimming this afternoon… FOR ONE HOUR ONLY!!” … Silliness.(See my Show Diary for Perth tickets)


So I am launching a special Australia competition…

FIRST PRIZE: Ye can win TWO TICKETS to see my show at an Australian date of your choice.
SECOND PRIZE: A signed CD of my humour. *CD will be either my Ash in the Attic CD or my Words CD. Ye can choose (Have a look at my little e-shop here. Nobody works in it! My Mum has asked me if she can sell nick nacks from the house in it!)
THIRD PRIZE: A limited edition signed poster. *Poster is of me and signature will be by me. It’s a Paul Foot double whammy baybayyyy!

I want ye to draw a map of my Apricot tour around Australia. As the show is called “An Evening With Paul Foot”… ye might like to do it at night time around Australia… but if ye prefer the map to be in the sunshine that is also fine as I like the sun too. The map must have the show dates on it (at least indicated, if not explicitly written out) – so that I can use the illustration to publicise my mini Australia tour, and I will be awarding extra points for added image detail. There are already some “visual triggers” in my tour announcement above which may or may not inspire you image wise.

Ye must submit entries (either by posting them on Twitter and including @PaulFoot, or by slapping them onto my Facebonk page) by the 16th March… this gives you nearly two weeks to do a nice little design in your own time. NO RUSH BAYBAYYYY! But then that is the dead line.. at which point we will all die a little bit inside… and then be REBORN when I arrive in Australia! REJOICE!

I cannot wait to see ye all again – it has been A YEAR!

Read more of my WEB LOG posts here if ye like.

PF xXxXx

(Illustration above sent in by connoisseur Cal Woodford)

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