ABOUT: Paul Foot Podcast – Volume 2 Episode 6

Paul Foot Podcast

The final episode of my popular podcast is out! Well, it’s actually Volume 2 Episode 6, so the final one for a while.

Opening with some football chants that I wrote myself, including “Millwall – Up In the League!” and “QPR – Ra! Ra! Ra!” (which is actually one of the most intellectual football chants on the market). We then swiftly move on to discuss Australians, rock concerts and female masturbation. Well, not quite. You’ll see. Anything in the podcast that isn’t wholly agreeable, please do blame my podcast partner TOM MAYHEW.

You can find Tom on Twitter @TomMayhew91. He is called that because he was born in 1991, after the launch of the hubble space telescope, but before the Silence Of The Lambs. I know that because I just Googled “biggest event of 1990” and “biggest event for 1992” and those were the results I got without having to click on a link. I then went on and clicked both of those links just to reward them for getting straight to the point in case I didn’t have time to click a link, but in this case I did have time. Just like you have time because you are reading this – LOL – and so you also have time to listen to my POPULAR PODCAST:

Ye can also listen on Podbean, or subscribe for free on iTunes – simply download the free Podcasts app and then search for “Paul Foot Podcast” – OH MY GADDDD!!!

PF xxx

P.s. That picture of that nice lady listening to my podcast is purely for illustrative reasons only. She is not listening to my podcast, or if she is then it’s probably not the latest episode. I would imagine she is still alive that lady, because the photo is top quality and looks pretty modern to me. That is of course no guarantee that she isn’t dead. I do not own the rights to that photo, and in fact now I am quite scared by it, so I hope somebody important flags it up and I’ll swiftly take it down.

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