Words CD/Digital Download

Oh My Gaddd! A CD of my sell-out show, Words! Frozen forever on a compact disc! Ye can now re-live my dazzling 2013 Edinburgh show that stormed Australia the following Spring (ie. now). On this CD there is such humour as “Toast”, “My Madness”, a selection of brand new Disturbances and a bonus piece entitled “Isn’t Life a Palaver?”



If ye are against the old technologies, ye can also purchase the digital version of this show via iTunes or Amazon baybayyyy.


This CD is officially 7% shinier than my last CD ‘Ash In The Attic’. While ‘Ash In The Attic’ is good for listening to during traffic jams and commutes I think ‘Words’ is more suited to the dedicated listener. Pour yourself a sherry, put your feet up on the cat and indulge yourself in some top notch Paul Foot comedy, made from concentrate.

Here’s the front cover baybayyyy:


The back cover is even better but you have to buy the friggin’ thing if you wanna see that! I’m not your slave!

The CD costs £5, and postage and packaging within the UK is £1.99. Please take advantage of this lucrative offer before my accountant, Prunella Fortington-Ghost, tells me to stop this madness. Already, she is on the phone to me two or three times an hour, pleading with me to show mercy to my profit margins; but I will not listen, as I am not a money-grabbing thief like her.

Postage and packing for addresses in Europe, is a competitive £2.49; and for the rest of the world, £2.99. This includes the cost of the CD going to your nation in an aeroplane and enjoying a window seat and a couple of gin and tonics.


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