Ash in the Attic CD

Yes! I have the ‘Ash In The Attic’ CD available. That’s right, my nearly award-winning 2010/11 show directed by Noel Fielding which enjoyed five star reviews in an array of newspapers. The disc also contains other material that I have recorded in odd studios across the year.

So, there we have it. You can take me everywhere with you, play me in the car whilst stuck in a traffic jam on holiday this summer, play me on your iPod as you march to your civilian job in the clog factory, or perhaps leave me on repeat in your house as the ultimate burglar deterrent.



The CD contains two introductions, four parts of topical shire horse humour, a selection of disturbances including a discussion on levels of homophobia, some pieces of more formal humour, a section on allergies, and other aural delights.

Here is what the front of the CD looks like:

Paul Foot - Ash in the Attic

It comes with an advisory label “Contains Mime”, because parts of the show feature mime. Luckily though it’s what I call “mime plus”, which is like normal mime but enhanced by the addition of speech.

The CD costs £5, and postage and packaging within the UK is £1.99. Please take advantage of this lucrative offer before my accountant, Prunella Fortington-Ghost, tells me to stop this madness. Already, she is on the phone to me two or three times an hour, pleading with me to show mercy to my profit margins; but I will not listen, as I am not a money-grabbing thief like her.

Postage and packing for addresses in Europe (including Russia and that), is a competitive £2.49; and for the rest of the world, £2.99. This includes the cost of the CD going to your nation in an aeroplane and enjoying a window seat and a couple of gin and tonics.


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