Nevis and Sao Paolo Diary – Janitor 2015

6th Janitor

This was a good pair of trips. It started by meeting Aaron at the ‘otel at Gatwick Airfield. Even the train to the airport was part of the holiday, due to the excitement. We had din dins at the ‘otel and visited check-in for a lark and then went to bed.

7th Janitor

We flew to Antigua. What larks! Apart from take orff and landing and din dins, I barely sat down, but roamed around, as if at a cocktail party. There was a real party atmosphere on the Booing 777 craft. After many wines and gins, we landed at Antigua and stood on the aeroplane steps and sampled the warm Caribbean air. Then Queen Mark gave us more wines during the short (fifteen minute) flight to St Kitts. Time for just three wines. When we landed at St Kitts, we boarded a ferry to Nevis and got a loada sea splash on our faces and it was at that point that we realised that we were slightly drunken. In fact, totally.

8th-14th Janitor

Aaron and I did writing of Literal Surrealism, that we had just invented, in paradise. It included swims and other sea splashes. Then we flew to Antigua and Queen Mark of British Airways Gatwick was there to give us more wines and then we flew homo and went to sleep for two days.

17th Janitor

I left with my mother for Heathrow Aerodrome, as I had decided to take her on holly day. We had wines and scallops at the airfield and a massage and then flew to São Paulo with more wines and then had a good holly day in Brazil with art galleries and restaurants including the best restaurant in South America (eight best in the world), where we ate a delicious Amazonian giant ant. We also went to Guaruja and stayed by the beach all posh.

27th Janitor

We flew homo and I barely slept on the twelve-hour flight, preferring to drink wines and do a cryptique crossword puzzle and speak to fellow drunkards and then we landed and had a bath and a massage and breakfast at the airfield and then we went homo.

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