Italy Diary – Julie 2015

As usual, Aaron and I met at an ‘otel at Gatwick Aerodrome the afternoon before the flight and consumed wines and had seafood surprise. The next day we entered the airfield proper at noon o’clock and did writing whilst sipping wines and whiskies and boarded our craft six hours later and flew to Verona, Europe. We did a trio of days’ work on pieces of Literal Surrealism whilst looking at an opera theatre, and going in beautiful mazes and parks and eating nice pastas and then caught the train to Venice, where we did more work in a magical place, including a funny little island called Torcello and then I suddenly flew homo with wines a day early as I had to do some work which involved catching a boat to the airport (!) and Aaron went to the lido or was it Lidl I wasn’t really listening to him and then he flew homo drunken as well.

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