Bermuda Diary Augustus 2014

This trip was absolutely spiffing and here is a summary: Departed Edinburgh Festival and headed to the aerodrome for whiskies. Further whiskies on craft to London. Head spinning in bed in posh Terminale 5 ‘otel. Next morning, wines consumed at Heathrow before flight to Berlin, then walked to my ‘otel through a forest straight from the airfield! Next day, tube to Hautbahnhof before luxury train past mountains and river to Prague. Very scenic with restaurant car. Car to airport ‘otel. Very posh. Next morning, flight to London with gin, transiting in my own nation, before wines and massage at Heathrow and BA luxury craft with sparkling wines to New York for shower and cocktails. American Airlines craft to Bermuda with ravioli and vodka. Two weeks in Bermuda with my aunt including going out on the boat and watching a play and many sunsets and dinners and warm sea swimming and then craft to New Yolk, meet with Tristan for pancakes, wines and massage at the airfield followed by ox cheek in craft to London and another massage and a bath and two breakfasts and then whiskies with Ahmed at Terminal 3 and dragon fruit with Camilla and panna cotta with Uncle Sam and then flight to Prague with stale bread and catering disaster and a massive number of avios points followed by ‘otel in Prague and train to Berlin and walk back to airport and flight to London with friendly free-loaders and wines and car homo. Then one day to repack and off to Australia again via Helsinki and Singapore with usual wines and Ahmed whisky and sauna at Helsinki and Sue and Shirley at Singapore and also Jasmine’s Campari cocktail and walk in Sydney botanical gardens and see other trips for other details including sparkling wines with Lily and Nicole and Nestor and before I knew it I was back in England and it was the month of Octopus.

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