Australala Diary – Marsh 2015

Little is known / remembered about this trip, other than meeting Aaron at Heathrow Airfield and sipping whiskies there, a flight to Singapore with King Vincent during which we took turns with the wines and Aaron had to be manipulated to bed (fell asleep like a loser in a poor cabin), Singapore slings, flight to Sydney with Queen Becky (again!) and Princess Graham with further wines, top quality bus journey past big aeroplanes at Sydney Aerodrome, followed by a Lily Special, and then a flight to Melbourne, in which Aaron lorded and also lauded it in luxury, while I sat in a peasant’s seat.

Aaron left Australia earlier than me, under a cloud. I understand he had many wines. On my way homo, I saw Nestor for a chit chat, and had many wines and scones and saw Jasmine at Singapore and had a bath and more wines.

In the middle of these debauched events, I did eight weeks of hard, sober work, performing in Australian theatres, which is my job.

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