Show diary


This is my SHOW DIARY, which lists where you can see me and that. All people who work in showbizness have a show diary. Mine is typed-up from my real life diary, by my tantalisingly glamourous yet dangerously lob-sided secretary Jemima Shazaaaar. She is half woman, half lobster, but that’s not to say she doesn’t make a brilliant typist.



UK TOUR: Paul Foot’s Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon Sharp Minor (PFHSiG#M)

Saturnday 18th Octopus – The Bloomsbury Theatre, London – PFHSiG#M – SOLD OUT

Wrensday 22nd Octopus – The Komedia, Bath – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 23rd Octopus – The Slaughter House, Liverpool – PFHSiG#M – SOLD OUT

Flyday 24th Octopus – The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield – PFHSiG#MTickets

Saturnday 25th Octopus – The Playhouse Theatre, Norwich – PFHSiG#M – SOLD OUT

Sundae 26th Octopus – Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester – PFHSiG#MTickets

Wrensday 29th Octopus – Swindon Arts Centre, Swindon – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 30th Octopus – The Artrix, Bromsgrove – PFHSiG#MTickets

Flyday 31st Octopus – Just The Tonic, Nottingham – PFHSiG#MTickets



Saturnday 1st Novella – City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds – PFHSiG#MTickets

Wresnday 5th Novella – Glee Club, Birmingham – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 6th Novella – Farnham Maltings, Farnham – PFHSiG#MTickets

***NEW***Flyday 7th Novella – The Bloomsbury Theatre, London – PFHSiG#MTickets

Saturnday 8th Novella – The Lighthouse, Poole – PFHSiG#M – SOLD OUT

Sundae 9th Novella – Glee Club, Cardiff – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 13th Novella – Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham – PFHSiG#MTickets

Flyday 14th Novella – West End Centre, Aldershot – PFHSiG#M – SOLD OUT

Saturnday 15th Novella – The Junction, Cambridge – PFHSiG#MTickets

Wrensday 19th Novella – The Komedia, Brighton – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 20th Novella – The Palace Theatre, Southend – PFHSiG#MTickets

Flyday 21st Novella – The Stables, Milton Keynes – PFHSiG#MSOLD OUT

Wrensday 26th Novella – The Atkinson, Southport – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 27th Novella – The Venue, Derby – PFHSiG#MTickets

Flyday 28th Novella – Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick – PFHSiG#MTickets

Sundae 30th Novella – The Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone – PFHSiG#MTickets



Flyday 5th Decadence – The Lowry, Salford – PFHSiG#MTickets




Flyday 6th Fabruary – The Gala Theatre, Durham – PFHSiG#M – Tickets available on 03000 266600 **Replacement for Postponed Show**

Saturnday 14th Fabruary – The Playhouse Theatre, Norwich – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon

Thirsty 19th Fabruary – The Key Theatre, Peterborough – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon

Sundae 22nd Fabruary – Square Chapel. Halifax – PFHSiG#M – Tickets

Thirsty 26th Fabruary – The Engineshed, Lincoln – PFHSiG#MTickets

Flyday 27th Fabruary – Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury – PFHSiG#M – Tickets

Saturnday 28th Fabruary – Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon



Thirsty 7th Mayonnaise – G Live, Guildford – PFHSiG#M - Tickets

Flyday 8th Mayonnaise – The Stables, Milton Keynes – PFHSiG#MTickets 

Saturnday 9th Mayonnaise – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 14th Mayonnaise – The Slaughterhouse, Liverpool – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon

Flyday 15th Mayonnaise – The Alhambra Studio, Bradford – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon

Saturnday 16th Mayonnaise – Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon

Thirsty 21st Mayonnaise – Bridgwater Arts Centre, Bridgwater – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon

Flyday 22nd Mayonnaise – The Watermark, Ivybridge – PFHSiG#MTickets

Saturnday 23rd Mayonnaise – The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon

Wrensday 27th Mayonnaise – The Courtyard, Hereford – PFHSiG#MTickets

Saturnday 30th Mayonnaise – The Hawth Theatre, Crawley – PFHSiG#M – Tickets Coming Soon

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