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This is my SHOW DIARY, which lists where you can see me and that. All people who work in showbizness have a show diary. Mine is typed-up from my real life diary, by my tantalisingly glamourous yet dangerously lob-sided secretary Jemima Shazaaaar. She is half woman, half lobster, but that’s not to say she doesn’t make a brilliant typist.


UK TOUR: Paul Foot’s Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon Sharp Minor (PFHSiG#M)


AUSTRALALA TOUR: Paul Foot’s Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon Sharp Minor (PFHSiG#M)


UK TOUR: Paul Foot’s Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon Sharp Minor (PFHSiG#M)

Thirsty 7th Mayonnaise – G Live, Guildford – PFHSiG#M - Tickets here or here

Flyday 8th Mayonnaise – The Stables, Milton Keynes – PFHSiG#MTickets 

Saturnday 9th Mayonnaise – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 14th Mayonnaise – The Slaughterhouse, Liverpool – PFHSiG#MTickets

Flyday 15th Mayonnaise – The Alhambra Studio, Bradford – PFHSiG#MTickets

Saturnday 16th Mayonnaise – Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal – PFHSiG#MTickets

Sundae 17th Mayonnaise – The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton – PFHSiG#MTickets

Thirsty 21st Mayonnaise – Bridgwater Arts Centre, Bridgwater – PFHSiG#MTickets

Flyday 22nd Mayonnaise – The Watermark, Ivybridge – PFHSiG#MTickets here or here

Saturnday 23rd Mayonnaise – The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington – PFHSiG#MTickets

Sundae 24th Mayonnaise – Comedy Hullabaloo, Stratford-upon-Avon – PFHSiG#M – Tickets

Wrensday 27th Mayonnaise – The Courtyard, Hereford – PFHSiG#MTickets here or here

Thirsty 28th Mayonnaise – South Street, Reading – PFHSiG#MTickets

Flyday 29th Mayonnaise – The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury – PFHSiG#M - Tickets

Saturnday 30th Mayonnaise – The Hawth Theatre, Crawley – PFHSiG#MTickets here or here



Saturnday 6th Juniper – Group Therapy, Gorilla, Manchester – Tickets   *This is NOT a Hovercraft Symphony Tour show*

Flyday 12th Juniper – The Red Rose Chain, Ipswich – PFHSiG#M – Tickets

Saturnday 13th Juniper – Baltic Square, Gateshead – Jesterval Comedy Festival – PFHSiG#MTickets

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