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This is my SHOW DIARY, which lists where you can see me and that. All people who work in showbizness have a show diary. Mine is typed-up from my real life diary, by my tantalisingly glamourous yet dangerously lob-sided secretary Jemima Shazaaaar. She is half woman, half lobster, but that’s not to say she doesn’t make a brilliant typist.



UK Tour: Paul Foot – A Retrospective

“Welcome to my Retrospective. This year I really want to revisit three of my favourite shows from the past and perform them side by side, one night after another. While this might seem an unusual idea, I want to do this because all three of these shows are very different from one another and were all created in a short period of time (2009-2012). I didn’t necessarily intend to create three such different shows; I think they turned out the way they did simply because of an urge on my part to experiment with all aspects of a comedy show. One is a show about structure with an unexpected ending, one is built around fantasies of my mind, whilst the other has two pieces which are uncompromising and extreme, but in different ways. They have all become shows I am very proud of and that I would love to share with my audiences today.” Paul Foot 2015

Thirsty 8th Octopus – The Cookie, Leicester – Retrospective: By the YardTickets

Flyday 9th Octopus – The Cookie, Leicester – Retrospective: Still LifeTickets

Saturnday 10th Octopus – The Cookie, Leicester - Retrospective: Kenny Larch is DeadTickets

Thirsty 15th Octopus – Bloomsbury Theatre, London – Retrospective: By the YardTickets

Flyday 16th Octopus – Bloomsbury Theatre, London – Retrospective: Still LifeTickets

Saturnday 17th Octopus – Bloomsbury Theatre, London – Retrospective: Kenny Larch is DeadTickets

Tunesday 20th Octopus – The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury – Retrospective: By the YardTickets

Wrensday 21st Octopus – The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury – Retrospective: Still LifeTickets

Thirsty 22nd Octopus – The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury – Retrospective: Kenny Larch is DeadTickets

Thirsty 29th Octopus – Bloomsbury Theatre, London – Retrospective: By the Yard - Tickets

Flyday 30th Octopus – Bloomsbury Theatre, London – Retrospective: Still Life - Tickets

Saturnday 31st Octopus – Bloomsbury Theatre, London – Retrospective: Kenny Larch is DeadTickets



Wrensday 4th Novella – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich – Retrospective: By the Yard - Tickets

Thirsty 5th Novella – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich – Retrospective: Still Life - Tickets

Flyday 6th Novella – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich – Retrospective: Kenny Larch is DeadTickets

Flyday 13th Novella – Palace Theatre, Southend – Retrospective: By the Yard - Tickets

Saturnday 14th Novella – Palace Theatre, Southend – Retrospective: Still Life - Tickets

Sundae 15th Novella – Palace Theatre, Southend – Retrospective: Kenny Larch is DeadTickets

Moonday 23rd Novella – The Lowry, Salford – Retrospective: By the Yard - Tickets

Tunesday 24th Novella – The Lowry, Salford – Retrospective: Still Life - Tickets

Wrensday 25th Novella – The Lowry, Salford – Retrospective: Kenny Larch is DeadTickets



Flyday 4th Decadence – Brighton Dome, Brighton – Retrospective: By the Yard - Tickets

Saturnday 5th Decadence – Brighton Dome, Brighton – Retrospective: Still Life - Tickets

Sundae 6th Decadence – Brighton Dome, Brighton – Retrospective: Kenny Larch is DeadTickets

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