Designed and created by Guild tailor, Sir Burlington Garter, and based loosely on his revolutionary “urban tuxedo”, this t-shirt can be worn at black tie events, cocktail parties, weddings and street muggings. It is also a perfect fit for petty vandalism and mild rioting. Sir Burlington claims it to be his second most versatile garment ever, pipped to the post, he says, by his 3-piece Wet Suit, for weddings, coral reef diving and burial at sea.

As ye can see, this t-shirt’s design features a Paul Foot tie (with my face on it many times), a Paul Foot lollipop, a Paul Foot postcard and a Paul Foot ticket stub of yesteryear. It is a collector’s item and whatnot. A rare jewel in an uncertain world.

T-shirts are priced at £12 + P&P, and are available in sizes S, M, L and XL. For a limited period there are also high quality fitted women’s t-shirts too, in sizes S(8), M(10) and L(12).

Men’s T-shirt – Sold Out


Women’s T-shirt – Sold Out

There remains but one lady’s t-shirt in Sir Burlington’s war drobe. This t-shirt shall be sent to auction in the near future at the high-status auction house, ebay.co.uk. It shall be the rarest of rare gems, as no more fashion lines are currently planned. Sir Burlington is hanging his scissors, they have cried their last tear.

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